OilPro Distributors

Formally appointed OilPro Distributors adhere to certain undertakings and standards and are supported by Electronic Art Display CC, developer and manufacturer of the OilPro Oil Management System.

The OilPro Oil Management System is supplied to Formally Appointed OilPro Distributors. .

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OilPro V4 Installed in a workshop OilPro V4 extended to accommodate more dispensing points
OilPro Keypad installed at dispensing points OilPro V4 connections

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Benefits of being an Accredited Distributor

-  Distributors qualify for discounts.
- Distributors are recognized formally on the OilPro web site and in promotional material.
- Possible sales leads originating in their areas are referred to Distributors.
- Distributors receive OilPro training and support
- Distributors have the leverage of Accredited Distributor status when quoting.

Benefits to Oil companies

- Oil Companies receive a list of accredited OilPro Distributors and are assured that these distributors receive support from the developer / manufacturer.
- Problems caused by faulty installations, use of underrated ancillary equipment and installers who are not trained properly are avoided.
- Translates into cost saving for the Oil Company
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