OilPro Software - V3.5. (WIN10)

Note: V3.5 requires Green Package License. Previous versions license and activation will not work on this version.

OilPro TM V3.5 Software Release Notes -DATE of Release: Dec 2020

  • The only way that OilPro TM software is made available is via the download page on the OilPro TM web site OilPro TM software is no longer supplied on CD or in any other way.
  • OilPro TM V3.5 Software needs a new Software key and Activation code.
  • OilPro TM V3.5 Software will not activate on previous supplied Software key and Activation codes.
  • The Software key is usually supplied in the info pack that comes with every OilPro TM Oil Management System purchase. For activation codes and/or lost Software Keys : please email or
  • Upgrading from previous versions to OilPro TM V3.5 Software: the old database must be upgraded, it is therefore important to contact us to assist with these upgrades via TeamViewer. (included in the GREEN package)
  • OilPro TM V3.5 Software will not install on top of older versions. If a customer should download and try to install V3.4 on top of old version OilPro TM Software (try to copy old file with old cd key into new installation), the software will not activate.
  • Older / previous versions of the OilPro OilPro TM Software will not stop working, if not upgraded to V3.5.
  • If you have not received any training on installing OilPro TM Software, please DO NOT attempt to do it yourself contact us: to assist via TeamViewer.


For more information about recent software developments (including advantages of using V3.5) please read the latest OilPro newsletter

OilPro Software - V3.2.17

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OilPro USB Device Drivers

OilPro Utilities

Integration – Automate

Integration – Autoline

  • Reports - Extract and save in C:/Program Files/Oilpro_Client/Reports folder
  • BAT Files - To clear folder of .rep files and valid wips text file that can jam integration