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Developed, manufactured, distributed and supported by Electronic Art Display CC, the OilPro Oil Management System is used mainly in vehicle and truck workshops to manage fluid dispensing from bulk tank to dispensing bay (Other applications are available)

The Product delivers specified quantities of oil / fluid from bulk tanks to dispensing points, while keeping accurate records of all transactions.  It is an effective loss control system, providing protection against unauthorized dispensing.

The system combines the OilPro Softwarelatest and most relevant technologies in Electronics and Information Technology, thereby addressing the dynamic challenges of the Information Age.

Installed in vehicle and truck service workshops all over South Africa and in Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, Zambia, Tanzania, Ghana, Mozambique, the United Kingdom and Australia

OilPro V4 Oil Management System
      - A leader in its field -

  • Email and SMS notifications - Get SMS and/or  email notifications of bulk product level status when low.
  • Integration - OilPro has collaborated with dealer management software (DMS)  vendors to develop integration software.  If this software is loaded information is sent directly from OilPro to the DMS.
  • Visually displayed bulk tank levels - Updated every 20 seconds to provide real time tank level information.
  • Security - Different security and access levels can be assigned to different users helping to control access to products  and offers full traceability.
  • Levels of control - Different levels of control can be activated in the OilPro software enabling the workshop use the system to best suit their needs
  • Multi-user facility - the OilPro software is network based and can be loaded on all applicable computers on the network.
  • Multi-franchise support - More than one franchise in one building?  Using oil form the same bulk tank?  The OilPro software support individual reporting for each franchise.
  • Dispensing - The OilPro software can also be used for dispensing although this is normally done via the OilPro Keypad. 
OilPro UK
OilPro UK LTD opened the doors of its Manchester based office during August 2006, supplying the OilPro Oil Management System and related products / services to the UK market.
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