OilPro Software Training

The OilPro Oil Management Software provides powerful information and management functions, to help keep track of sales and usages of valuable and expensive oil/fluid, dispensed from bulk tanks to vehicles serviced.

Training is done at OilPro ’ training venue in Boksburg with a functioning OilPro System, not in the workshop environment.  This is done to ensure that there are no unnecessary distractions and that the attendees get the best possible value from the training. Experience has shown that , if workshop personnel are aware of the software functions and are able to use it, they save money!
Training Objectives

1)  To understand the role and use of the OilPro Oil Management System in the workshop.

2)  To understand the different levels of control that can be activated on the OilPro Oil System.

3)  To be able to use the OilPro software effectively by learning how to:

  • view and understand the current status of bulk oil tank levels
  • receive oil and update tank levels
  • adjust tank levels when necessary
  • set up and maintain different types of users
  • do a basic oil audit
  • use time saving tools
  • use job card control to restrict oil usage
  • draw reports
  • find information
  • do basic troubleshooting

Training Dates

Technician Training

For Installation Contractors
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