OilPro2000 (1999 - 2002)

The OilPro Oil Management System range of products started off with the launch of the OilPro2000 Oil Management System in December 1999. The product was designed and developed over a number of years by Paul Simpson, owner of Electronic Art Display CC, South Africa. Electronic Art Display CC continues to develop, manufacture and market/sell the OilPro range of products. The OilPro 2000 System proved to be a reliable and cost effective product, for the management of oil dispensing from bulk tanks to dispensing bays in a workshop environment.

The OilPro2000 Oil Management System was supplied and installed throughout South Africa from 1999 till 2002.

Even though it was discontinued in 2002 the product received support until 2004.

OilPro V3 replaced the OilPro2000 Oil Management System.

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OilPro V3

The OilPro2000 Oil Management System was replaced by OilPro V3 in 2002

OilPro V4

The current version of the OilPro Oil Management System is OilPro V4 and it replaced OilPro V3 in 2005
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