OilPro V4 (2005 - current)

OilPro V4 Oil Management System is the main product sold by Electronic Art Display / OilPro.  This product is sold to distributors (see the list of the distributors) who install the system in various types of workshops.

Enhancements to the OilPro Oil Management system with the release of V4 include: Fully configurable on site, increased pulse meter capacity that enables simultaneous dispensing, increased visual display and a compact appealing new encasing.

This is the version of the OilPro Oil Management System that is currently being manufactured and supplied.
OilPro V4 - Product Summary
The OilPro Oil Management System, Version 4 is a modular system used in oil / fluid dispensing environments (e.g. workshops) to improve oil / fluid delivery, usage and record keeping through optimized procedures for management and control.

On instruction (by authorized users) the OilPro System shuts oil flow on and off by opening and closing solenoid valves installed at the dispensing bay.  A pulse meter sends digital signals about quantity dispensed to the OilPro Main Controller Unit, and this information is stored in a database.

The OilPro System provides control in hand - from dispensing, integration with dealer management software, central management planning, remote control and record keeping.
OilPro V4 - Product Application
The OilPro Oil Management System is installed and in used in:
  • vehicle workshops,
  • heavy vehicle (truck) workshops,
  • transport companies.
It has also been adapted for use at:
  • mining concerns, and
  • vehicle assembly plants.
The OilPro Oil Management System is designed for use indoors, exposure to weather / rain / water should be avoided.
OilPro V4 - Product Components
The OilPro Oil Management System consists of the following components:
  • Main Controller Unit - for central processing of all data
  • OilPro Keypad - for data input to activate system for dispensing
  • OilPro Software - for controls, record-keeping and reports
  • Touch-Buttons - for user identification, security and traceability
OilPro V4 - Product Software
  • Visually displayed bulk tank levels - Updated every 20 seconds to provide real time tank level information.
  • Multi-user facility - the OilPro software is network based and can be loaded on all applicable computers on the network
  • Report Generator - the OilPro software has a comprehensive Report Generator.  Data can be exported to Excel and various other formats.
  • Security - Different security and access levels can be assigned to different users helping to control access to products  and offers full traceability.
  • Integration - OilPro has collaborated with dealer management software (DMS)  vendors to develop integration software.  If this software is loaded information is sent directly from OilPro to the DMS.
  • Levels of control - Different levels of control can be activated in the OilPro software enabling the workshop use the system to best suit their needs.
  • Multi-franchise support - More than one franchise in one building?  Using oil form the same bulk tank?  The OilPro software support individual reporting for each franchise.

Training on how to use the OilPro Software is offered on a monthly basis. See the training page for more information.

OilPro V4 - Product Benefits
  • Advance Remote Feature - Product level warnings can be sent via e-mail and text messages to a group of people set up in the software. Report summaries can also be scheduled for e-mail.
  • Warranty - Built in protection makes the system less prone to lightning damage. It carries a lifetime warranty against damage caused by lightning.
  • Multi User Capability - The OilPro software is designed as a network based application which allows the software to be installed on more than one computer on the network.
  • Scalability - Low level modular design with plug-in cards, operation via keypads and/or software and central management via a controller unit makes the system highly adaptable to meet the client's specific requirements in an affordable way.
  • Low Maintenance - Because of the low level modular design, a damaged OilPro system component can be replaced quickly and easily on site, at minimal cost, instead of having to replace the entire controller.
  • Easy Troubleshooting - The system has visual indicators for system functions which assist in troubleshooting.


Service Manager Jhb

"Wow, I got an SMS warning me that my tank was low on oil.   Now I can order in time and won't run short!"

Service Manager CT

"I have control over my bulk products for the first time."

Service Manager Centurion

The integration between OilPro and my DMS works wonderfully! No more oil losses for me.

Parts Manager Pinetown

"A very efficient product"


OilPro V4 Datasheets

OilPro V4 Information

Please feel free to download these documents!

- Product Specifications
- Ancillary Equipment


OilPro V3

This product is no longer supplied. Software support is available, maintenance of these systems still in use is dependent on availability of components. Please note that most components are not manufactured anymore.


This product is no longer supplied or supported.
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