OilPro V3 (2002 - 2005)

The launch of OilPro V3 saw a major improvement in both the architecture and software of the OilPro Oil Management system. The OilPro software became network based (can be installed on more than one computer on a network). OilPro was one of the first oil management / fluid control systems in the market to take this technological step forward, making it very useful in the computer based environment of today's service workshops.

SMS / Text- and email warnings became a major feature of the OilPro V3 software. Its powerful ability to warn users of low (theoretical) bulk tank levels, via SMS, helps to prevent workshops from running out of oil, or letting their oil stock run too low. If the bulk tank fluid levels are allowed to drop too low, there is a potential for air to get into the pipelines which causes unnecessary problems.

On the hardware side the OilPro V3 introduced iButtons / touch buttons as means of identification.  This greatly enhanced security on the dispensing side.

Due to more technological advances and continued development, OilPro V3 was discontinued in 2005 and replaced by the OilPro V4 system. Please note that maintenance of these systems still in use is dependent on availability of components.

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OilPro V4

The current version of the OilPro Oil Management System is OilPro V4 and it replaced OilPro V3 in 2005



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